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They try to cram so many explosions, eruptions, earthquakes, and natural disasters into two hours that I might be a little desensitized to the real thing if it ever happens.After awhile nothing felt realistic or interesting about it at all.The fear, analysis, curiosity, and everything else you've ever wondered about this new mysterious year that is quickly approaching is almost entirely removed from this film.That would have and could have made this film closer to a 10 if I didn't feel like my brain was utterly wasted on this CGI and special effects bonanza.The thing that I found thoroughly disappointing about 2012 is that it's almost entirely lacking of any interesting backstory or intellectual substance whatsoever.

The Sistine Chapel has 9 pictures displayed horizontally.

New Age hoaxers claimed the calendar ended in order to make money.

Mayas never claimed that and were annoyed by outsiders pestering them with questions about it.

The whole movie is almost entirely comprised of special effects.

Of course you'll see all of the lead characters survive scenarios that a regular human being would not.

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