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Aduli sites dating

And, through all these years, it has yet to engender a historical perspective that one may dub as an ‘Adulisian paradigm’ that identifies it as the epicenter of an ‘Erythraean civilization’ located about thirty miles south of the port city of Massawa in the Gulf of Zula.

Though Adulis may have undergone initial surveys and archaeological excavations spanning the years of 1840 to 1962, the artifacts of these excavations are still in Ethiopia.

From that place to the city of the people called Auxumites there is a five days’ journey more; to that place all the ivory is brought from the country beyond the Nile through the district called Cyeneum, and thence to Adulis.

Practically the whole number of elephants and rhinoceros that are killed live in the places inland, although at rare intervals they are hunted on the seacoast even near Adulis.

Opposite Mountain Island, on the mainland twenty stadia from shore, lies Adulis, a fair-sized village, from which there is a three-days’ journey to Coloe, an inland town and the first market for ivory.The pervasive paradigm in the historiography of the Horn region has been underpinned by an Abyssinian narrative that punctuated more on an empire that extended onto a boundless confines stretching from Congo to Egypt and India.This Abyssinian chronicle puts Adulis smack-dab at the middle of the Axumite kingdom and subsumes it as an integral part of this very kingdom.Then I fought the Annine and the Metine who live on precipitous mountains as well as the people of Sesea.They took refuge on an inaccessible peak, but I besieged them on all sides and captured them, and chose among them young men and women, boys and virgins. I defeated also the barbarian people of Rauso who live by the aromatics trade, in immense plains without water, and the Solate, whom I also defeated, imposing on them the task of guarding the sea-lanes.

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Was Adulis the seat of a king who was independent of the kingdom of Axum?