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They can operate sitting in their sleeper cells and can make contact with their target without exposing their identity.Moreover, they can chase more than one target at the same time and they just have to send a flying message to a young flame and there will be possible chances they can trap them easily.It was the space where all our teenage dramas played out online: a limitless repository of teenage angst and enthusiasm, flirtation and heartbreak, terrible punny screen-names and lyric-filled away messages.In honor of the death of AIM, the Cut looks back on our embarrassing screen names of yore, and how they predicted who we would be in the years to come.Therefore, they collect information and use communications technology and internet to track, victimize the minors such as teens.Online predators happen mostly in chat rooms or social media apps; the New England Journal of Public Policy reported that.So, having these kinds of facts cyber predators are using social messaging apps such as Facebook, Kik, Line, Vine, Instagram and others as their cover.Obviously, the technology in the shape of instant messaging apps provides cover and anonymity to the cyber predators.

They should use the technology in order to protect teens from all forms of cyber predators such as stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators and child abusers.

The term “Online Predators” has introduced since the internet has come into existence.

The people who perform internet facilitated sex-crimes against the minors and started adult or abusive communication with the young kids and teens having the aim of coercing them into illegal sexual activity.

However, a user can view live activities happen on teens smartphone screen by using the TOS spy 360 live screen recording.

It empowers parents to broadcast the cell phone screen of teens lives into the cell phone spyware app web portal.

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Having the facility of the internet with the passage of time the real-life predators use technology such as chat rooms, instant messaging, and Internet forums, social networking sites and cell phones and finally a new term formed known as online predators.