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XML est extensible dans la mesure où il n'utilise pas de tags prédéfinis comme HTML et il permet de définir de nouvelles balises : c'est un métalangage.

Le format HTML est utilisé pour formater et afficher les données qu'il contient : il est destiné à structurer, formater et échanger des documents d'une façon aussi standard que possible.

A SAXParser Factory implementation that does not support validation may still have set Validating(true) invoked on it, causing an exception, leaving the SAXParser field uninitialized.

The root cause appears to be that the supports Validation(SAXParser Factory) method does not honor the value returned from Sax Parser Feature, and instead always returns true if a call to get Feature does not throw an exception.

Pourtant, XML et HTML sont tous les deux des dérivés d'un langage nommé SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language).

Specifies that the parsers created by this factory must eliminate whitespace in element content (sometimes known loosely as 'ignorable whitespace') when parsing XML documents (see XML Rec 2.10).Note that only whitespace which is directly contained within element content that has an element only content model (see XML Rec 3.2.1) will be eliminated.Due to reliance on the content model this setting requires the parser to be in validating mode.(Example from openjdk-6-src-b31-15_apr_2014) Another one is the oracle xmlparserv2 from Oracle XDK Some sample test to prove this (you need the oracle xmlparserv2 jar and you also need a META-INF/services/parsers. Default Handler;/** * SAX解析技术 * @author Daniel Cheng * */public class SAXParser Test 2.

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