Asp net updating database from gridview

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Row move in edit mode We have a Grid View with records.

We can't update a record until that record doesn't exist in the input type field (Text Box).

Here we can update Name, Emp_Code and Emp_Age fields depending on the Id field of the "EMPLOYEE" table.

Create SQL Connection We need a connection with a Microsoft SQL Server database so we can access data and perform an operation on it.

There are also other ways to handle this, eg, supply its value in code behind when it is hidden.

In this article we will look at how to update or delete a record in a database table using a Grid View control.

If you don't want the user to change the values of some of your columns, then set them to templates and change their edit/add properties to read-only.UPDATE [Orders] SET [Payment Is Sent] = @Payment Is Sent, [item Is Received] = @item Is Received, [item Is Sent] = @item Is Sent WHERE [Order ID] = @original_Order ID This is my update statement above.Back Color="White" Border Color="#999999" Border Style="Solid" Border Width="1px" Cell Padding="3" Data Source ID="Sql Data Source Orders" Fore Color="Black" Grid Lines="Vertical" Auto Generate Edit Button="True" Empty Data Text="Not Available" Auto Generate Columns="False" Data Key Names="Order ID" Width="800px"" Select Command="SELECT [Order ID], (SELECT First Name ' ' Last Name AS 'Full Name' FROM Customers WHERE Customer ID=Orders.I added some more attributes in the select statement for more columns in the gridview, since then whenever I hit edit, then edit the status and click on update, the gridview goes back without editing anything.I have been looking into this all day and couldn't find out what is wrong.

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After hours of frustration, I started afresh and tested every step of my actions.