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Best dating movies of all time

is a fictional film that follows con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) as he is forced to enter the world of Jersey powerbrokers by an FBI agent (Bradley Cooper), but becomes quickly engrossed.

He, along with his partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), must navigate this new world without getting caught, and hope that his wife (Jennifer Lawrence) doesn’t tear it all down in the process.

Family and love run deep, but do the cons run deeper?

In this who’s-conning-who film, it’s hard to take any of the characters at face value.

Ridley Scott directs this con film following the two, small-time con artists as everything they’ve been working towards seemingly falls apart right before their eyes.

And on top of it all, Roy’s obsessive-compulsive, agoraphobic lifestyle doesn’t do anything to help.

In his latest con, he must pull off the biggest heist yet by planting an idea inside a big-time CEO’s mind.

The film stars Leonardo Di Caprio as a thief that uses new, dream-stealing technology to steal from large companies.

stars Will Smith as Nicky Spurgeon, a very accomplished con man who takes an amateur con artist, Jess (Margot Robbie), under his wing.

The duo quickly realizes the difficulties involved with balancing their criminal life with their personal life, and before long, love seems to only get in the way.

This is a film where the con artist has a difficult time balancing personal and professional life, leading to a chain of events that you won’t want to miss. Following in the original’s footsteps, the all-star cast for the remake includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon, and that’s only including a few.

The film follows the same general plot, as Danny Ocean and his team of con men (all skilled in different areas) team up to steal money from a chain of Vegas casinos – at the same time.

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He immediately sets up a bet with a businessman who happens to own most of Diggstown (known for it’s boxing). That Gabe can find a boxer that can knock out ten of the town’s boxers within 24 hours.

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