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Best dating rules

The author did a great job developing the characters and pulling in supporting characters that moved the plot forward and added depth.The ending totally sets up the next book but still leaves the reader with a satisfying conclusion. I received the book by the author for an honest review (Thank you Tamie! This review is based on the ARC copy and some changes may have been made by the editor or author so the review may differ from the published copy.So far, this one really made me smile:"Why do women make everything so complicated? We have to suffer because Adam took that apple from Eve. "I look forward to reading Charlie's lovelife next. Spencer wants to win her heart, but Emily isn’t easily won. She has no desire for romance until Spencer Marshall, then fights feelings she has for him. Put Emily and Spencer; Charlie and Josh together and a fiery story unfolds.My Thoughts This is the second book in The Best Girl’s Book. Spencer wants to win her heart, but Emily isn’t easily won. Add, Anne (Best) and Stephen Gherring and an unexpected surprise and you get a Best seller.

In Best Dating Rules, we meet a lot of new characters and fun personalities.

Oh, there are also two little additions to the Best-Gherring family and they're probably going to be my most favorites yet.

Tamie Dearen hits another jackpot with her Best Girls series.

The focus is on the budding romance between the main characters with enough suspense to keep you turning the pages.

You really can't help but smile when you read this book.

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I loved reading Best Dating Rules so much so that I read it late into the night because I couldn't put it down!