Body language of dating tonya reiman

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Body language of dating tonya reiman

Her passion for hypnosis also proved useful in this arena and assisted many clients in furthering their goals.Today, her keynotes, seminars and workshops assist companies in growth and effective communication.Tonya Reiman is a Nonverbal Communication Specialist.She is a media personality, keynote speaker, consultant and corporate trainer.In addition, she has been heard on ESPN radio and has contributed to national publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Time, Positive Thinking, and New York Newsday.She lives in Long Island with her husband and three children.

A motivational speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer, she has also appeared on Access Hollywood, Extra, Your Morning, Fast Money, New Morning, and several other television shows.

Peppered with photos and fun facts, The Power of Body Language is as entertaining as it is instructive.

Get the power to send and receive the messages you want -- and never be left in the dark again.

Building from that pivotal moment, she later graduated from Pace University and began her independent research of non-verbal communication.

Due to the disciplines' non-traditional nature, she was forced to create her program as she studied.

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Furthermore, she contributes to articles on body language and persuasion which are featured in prints such as Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine, US Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Men's Health, Women's Health and Woman's World.