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1 year as a self employed online dating specialist and relationship expert.

I have worked with 100s of men on their online dating lives, and building a deeper connection and excitement in their relationships.

He also has done some amazing jobs with various clients.

He has a website called Brentsmithlifestyle where he features blogs and videos about his various coaching.

Later this company became "Brent Smith Lifestyle", with the goal of improving lifestyle.

In 2012 Brent began moving further away from dating towards helping men more generally to become more inspired and build a better lifestyle for themselves.

Brent is an American national, born on March 12, 1989.

Coach instructors are hand-selected and trained by the Dating.

Coach team, to empower you with the skills you need to achieve the consistent results you demand.

That is when he tried thinking if there was a better way of approaching, attracting and dating women.

Along the way he discovered his philosophy that women are attracted by a man’s lifestyle.

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He has perfected his skills to become successful even coaching some of the richest people in the world.

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