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Career dating travel

From there, you can match with and message other users based on how interested you are in jetting off with that person.

But if you’re a more structured traveler, definitely chat through the details with your date to make sure they’re on the same page.

Should we spend the next few hours strolling through markets, or checking out a few museums?

Socializing becomes way easier when you’re actually doing things, not just staring at each other’s faces over a charcuterie plate.

Both of my dates involved adjusting my internal clock (the first was Boston to San Francisco; the second Boston to London), and I did a terrible job.

As in, I fell asleep and drooled on Peter a few times and aggressively insisted on taking naps.

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Thankfully, both dates saw the merits of this (especially after the drooling). If you’ve only got a couple of days to spare, maybe don’t travel across Turning a trip into a first date (or visa versa) also gives you the chance to experience different travel styles.

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