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Carla bruni dating history

But Bruni is almost implausibly relaxed, joking around as if we were old catwalk friends as she pulls out an electronic cigarette (“I don’t like to smoke cigarettes in the daytime”).

Everything about her manner is unguarded and complicit. I’m only allowed to have a drink when I’ve finished work at the end of the day, and not more than half a beer.” That’s not very rock’n’roll, I say.

He or she will be the first child born to a serving president during the history of France's Fifth Republic.

After relationships with Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger, the first lady is used to the limelight.“I tried and tried and tried, and as usual how it happens, you stop trying eventually and then boom. You go to a dinner party and someone says, ‘What are you doing? I’ve certainly never seen a 45-year-old without a single line around the eyes before; but then again, I’ve never met a woman who’s had facial work but wears no makeup. “I would do surgery if I was sure it would work, but I’m not sure it does.I thought I had a disease or something, a bad disease, because you know how the beginnings [of pregnancy] are funny: you smell people, and I got this craving for sugar, you know? I would go up the stairs in my house and be really out of breath” – she feigns panting – “so I went to the doctor and they did blood tests and radiography, which is completely forbidden when you are pregnant. ” She mimes open-mouthed shock, pretending to gaze at a pregnancy test stick. ’ ‘Oh, I take care of my three children’ – and they turn away.” She says she used to suffer crippling stage fright – and still does. The problem is that it doesn’t really show, so people don’t believe it. But then you’re stuck – people are sitting there, they’ve bought a ticket, so what are you going to do? You always hope something happens – the ceiling falls in, the floor explodes, someone is sick in the audience, and the show is cancelled. They look strange, the women – they don’t look younger, so I’m just not sure it works.The photo had been shot for an Aids campaign, and featured several other supermodels – “But they didn’t marry the president, obviously,” she giggles. So he would never come here and let us pay for our Coca-Cola. I would love that.” But later she volunteers, “I love family life, but I get slightly depressed when I stay only with the children. After three weeks doing only children and my man and the house, children, the house and my man, children, the house and my man. “You know, age, death, death of other people, disease. A lot of life, change life, change country, change language, who cares?In addition to Bruni’s son, there were already three sons from Sarkozy’s earlier marriages, but the couple longed for another baby. If you walk into a room, he would never stay seated.” Does she like that? And I think women that do that are very useful.” She throws herself back in the chair. It’s such a hard job – and on top of that they are not admired. ” There have been so many rumours about cosmetic surgery that I ask if she has also changed her body.

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She is generous with sweet if wildly far-fetched compliments, and her sentences are often completed with a gesture or expression, so that it feels as if her whole body is making conversation. Hanging up, she spots a nearby couple drinking champagne and exclaims, “Shall we? ” She orders us Coca-Colas, but keeps eyeing their table. Oh, and rosé champagne – mmm, I love it.” Let’s order some, then? “Well, my man doesn’t drink, so I’m not going to open a bottle of wine.” Sarkozy, she explains, has never even tasted alcohol.