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Catchy lines dating site

This guy is onto the fact that I’m not on here to get dates, but he doesn’t call me out in a weird or aggressive way. Have you been to the Coffee Roastery in the Marina? How about we go there to grab a cup of joe on Saturday at 1 pm, date-style?

Instead, he’s intrigued by what I do and used a question to compel the conversation to go further. We can also walk up to the Palace of Fine Arts afterward if you want to check out a killer view.”For some reason, there are guys that use emojis ad nauseam, many of them not making any sense.

I’d be willing to bet he got a single woman — or several — using Tinder to respond and go out with him.

He also asked a compelling question to me based on my profession.

A stream of a hat, dog, pig, and ghost emojis isn’t going to compel me to continue a conversation with you, but an emoji here and there to add more color to your message will.

This guy did a great job infusing his message with a little more personality by using a face-palm emoji.

This guy did a great job because he related to my interest in comedy and also mentioned a really cool festival he’s going to.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to do too much in the way of responding to these Tinder opening lines since I’m in a committed relationship and signed up for Tinder for the sake of research (once again, you’re welcome).

But my radio silence after these opening lines provided the guys with an interesting test — and this is one guy that passed the test with flying colors, so take note of his strategy here. This guy tried to overcome my radio silence twice and did so with charm and humor.

Ok, this guy might have just won the award for best Tinder opening lines for men of all time.

Not only did he check out my dating site and mention that he loves the content (THANKS), he noted my love of bulldogs by following up with pics of his own.

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(Sidebar: If you haven’t seen this bit yet, stop cheating yourself and enhance your life.)Here’s another one that used not one, but TWO things in my profile to relate to.

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