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Posted by / 27-Sep-2019 08:06

And trying to meet other people and finding a partner belongs to the basic human nature and there is nothing desperate or strange about it.

In the end, speed dating is not some miraculous method of meeting other people that would somehow artificially create couples.

Always, everything depends on your charm, personality, communication skills and effort as anywhere else.

Now multiply this number by 10 because this is a minimum of opposites that you will meet and talk to on speed dating.

Yes, the chances that you will find a date are undeniably higher on speed dating than anywhere else.

It is also better not to rely on finding the ONE right the first time you visit speed dating, although it has happened before. Is it a success if your relationship lasts a year, does it have to be more, or does it have to end in till death do as apart?

:) After all, you probably do not find a date in a club or bar every time you go, either. Speed dating does not have the ability to influence whether your relationship will last or not.

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