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Colin egglesfield dating history

Meanwhile, Georgia takes all the girls out for drinks, where Riley discovers the fun side of her new job.Also, Lynette begins a romance with someone from church.Riley helps a client overcome his fear of speaking to women.Riley finds out that Lacey did not tell her that Kyle planned on leaving her.Riley finds the phone number of a woman from Kyle's past and begins to investigate her with the help of Lacey.At the massage parlor, Riley meets an interesting client nicknamed The Camel.Causing him to punch him in the face and defend Selena name.Riley gets involved with a rodeo cowboy's romantic life. Kyle returns home, but his homecoming is anything but warm. A corrupt police officer continues to put pressure on Riley.

Jolene reunites with her teenage son, who she gave up for adoption when she was a young struggling mother.Riley and Selena's rivalry continues, when Riley learns that Evan has been dating Selena.Selena runs into Evan at a lunch spot, and also get unwanted attention from a former client, who call her a whore in front of Evan.This, in part, led to a complaints that "the guys were all so good looking".Later the team tried to cast "more real guys" although by this point the network refused, insisting on "hot guys".

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