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Comic con speed dating youtube

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In 2011 TLC aired Geek Love, a reality series that spotlighted "sci-fi speed dating" sessions held at Comic-Con.

I suggest you watch the whole event because it’s really interesting, but if you care my bit starts at .

I am not an exoplanetary scientist; in my research career I studied supernovae and the gas around dying stars.

I had the pleasure of attending the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

I was invited to moderate a NASA panel on exoplanets, with the twist of looking at them through the lens of science fiction.

"My love life status is a mix of Forever Alone and Socially Awkward Penguin," he says. " It's hard not to feel for Alex as we watch him go on speed dates with girls who he worries will just want to be friends.

They were setting up an event called “Science Speed Dating”, which (despite its name) is a panel where a few scientists talk about something exciting going on in their field…Head to You Tube to watch episodes of Geek Love each Thursday.(And if Alex sounds like your kind of guy, note that he shares his e-mail address at the end of the ep!Then William Herschel discovered Uranus, and in 1846 Neptune was discovered.But even then, until the 1990s you could That all changed in 1992.

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And once we knew exoplanets were actually out there we came up with lots of other ways to find them. goal, but don't let astronomers fool you, it's the goal — is to find another planet like Earth.