Consolidating itunes albums

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Consolidating itunes albums

Basically what I said in the title: When I put some albums into i Tunes, the artist names match and I double checked everything in the "Get Info" area of the album, but they aren't all merging under one artist title. Other than the "Get Info" area, is there something else I should be checking to make these merge? Temporarily change the name of the artist to a random word that is not already an artist in i Tunes, such as "Rename". If they do, then rename "Rename" to the original artist name and see if they remain grouped together properly.

If these buttons do not have check marks, click their icons so that check marks do appear, press "OK" and go to Step 4.In order to combine files of i Tunes library as your requirement, you can use Tipard i Phone Transfer Ultimate to create your own playlist on i Phone and manage the files of i Tunes. I was wondering if anyone can advise me on how to consolidate artists and albums.Choose to open your flash drive's contents when prompted by Windows Explorer or Finder (on the Mac). Locate the first song you want to copy, right-click its icon and select "Show In Windows Explorer" or "Show In Finder" (Mac).If your computer doesn't prompt you, double-click the flash drive's icon on your desktop. Drag and drop the file from the new Windows Explorer or Finder window into your flash drive's window and let it copy. Insert your flash drive into your computer's USB port and double-click its icon from your desktop to open a new Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac) window. Click the "Edit" tab (or the i Tunes tab if on a Mac) and "Preferences." Press the "Advanced" tab on the right side of the pop-up window.

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One efficient way of copying individual songs from your i Tunes library to a flash drive is to find the actual location on your computer where the files are stored and drag and drop the desired songs from their stored location onto your flash drive.

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