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While validating the product if some deviation is found in the actual result from the expected result then a bug is reported or an incident is raised. Hence, validation helps in unfolding the exact functionality of the features and helps the testers to understand the product in much better way. Also Read: What is Verification in Software Testing?

Requirements elicitation is the process of seeking, uncovering, acquiring, and elaborating requirements for business systems.

It can also be defined as to demonstrate that the product fulfills its intended use when deployed on appropriate environment.

It answers to the question, Are we building the right product?

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They are visual models, testable acceptance criteria, and the result of collaborative facilitated sessions with your stakeholders and team.

The real target is the value a project actually delivers to an organization.

Things like increasing revenue by a measurable amount or decreasing operational costs really are the bottom line, and ultimately the measure of success.

In this talk, Joy Beatty will share research findings that show what executives really care about (and it isn’t reducing the number of missed requirements).

Joy will detail experiences measuring value on actual projects and outline the steps you can use to create this kind of change in your organization.

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This may happen because when a product or application is build as per the specification but these specifications are not up to the mark hence they fail to address the user requirements.