Dads against daughters dating democrats facebook

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Dads against daughters dating democrats facebook

She worked the convention crowd and it loved her for it. Smith — The most dangerous place you could stand this weekend was between CGS and any number of his countless adoring fans hoping to pose for a picture with him.

As a second-term Democratic lawmaker, he may not have much juice inside the Legislature, but he is a rockstar outside of it — at least to the progressive Dems on hand this weekend.

Democrat dads — The best change from previous annual gatherings was not scheduling it for Father’s Day Weekend.With that, plus the event being held at family-friendly Disney World, several dads took advantage of the opportunity to mix family and work.I think Kevin Cate and his family are still on the safari ride at Animal Kingdom.Her husband hit the convention all day on Saturday after a full day of networking on Friday.Sure, Democrats would have liked to see her in the flesh, but, overall, the weekend was a win for her.

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Nikki Fried — With posters of her done up like Star Wars’ Princess Leia and billing herself as “A New Hope” (nice work there, Eric Johnson) the Agriculture Commissioner was, without a doubt, the biggest winner of the weekend.

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