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Dating a meat eater

I couldn't imagine a meal without meat, and it was hard for me to make any meatless recipes at all.

But then, I got sick, and it was recommended I start eating more plant-based foods.

It's kind of insane what a huge role food plays in your relationship...

and you never actually realize it until something changes your eating habits.

” “It’s a great opportunity to hang out with your other single friends as they, too, wallow in their sadness and carelessly swipe through Bumble and Tinder in the hopes of meeting a last minute someone who turns out to, in fact, be their Tinderella or Tinderfella.” Okay… “I’m 23 and in grad school on a two-year course – so I’ve already missed the window for a university relationship.

no one actually said that last one, but some of them definitely thought it. Future workplace romances are out of the question for obvious reasons.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I occasionally find myself for want of a special someone to while away the hours with.

Around this same time of year, all of you lovey-dovey couples look at me with pity and provide unsolicited condolences and “support.” “You don’t need a significant other to be happy.” “I wish I was single again! ” Then, I – I mean she – proceeds to evaluate the chance of her finding that someone special within what society has deemed the “eligibility frame” or the time during which she has to scour the earth for her other half or risk loneliness forever.

You can try different cuisines and flavors so much more when you share... On days I knew I would be vegetarian, I was ALSO always stuck picking the restaurant.Until we do achieve a “rainbows and unicorns”- type situation, I’ll do my best to only eat ethically processed food, but doing that regularly is practically impossible, even for you, vegetarians and vegans.If you’re going to say that eating animals is wrong because they hurt, just keep in mind that plants hurt too. So I don’t feel like I’m doing wrong by eating meat, because there’s no way around the “hurt” at this point.] Let me return now to my rant. and then there’s the endless list of other substitutions that I can’t even bear to think about now.Plants, do in fact, have their own (yes, this has been scientifically researched) equivalent of showing their pain, what I’d say is an equivalent to you yelling “ouch” when hurt.[Side note: obviously, I’d love an ideal world where all animals were treated ethically before the slaughter process, where the honey from bees was ethically extracted from the hives and combs, and where everything truly was “rainbows and unicorns,” but unfortunately it’s not.

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