Dating a policeman advice

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A PSNI Custody Sergeant has been disciplined after an investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s Office, during which CCTV footage of the conversation he had with a complainant was used as a key piece of evidence.A police officer failed stay in touch with a victim of an assault and did not send vital information on the case to the Public Prosecution Service, an investigation by the Police Ombudsman has found. Did I tell you that I live next door to Dunkin Donuts? Stick with me and those lights won’t be the only thing flashing. A couple of my close family friends and other acquaintances are police officers, and I’ve seen how dating can be a struggle for them.

A Police Ombudsman investigation has found no evidence to support claims by a man arrested for assaulting his ex-partner, that police failed to properly investigate claims that he himself had been attacked.

The Police Ombudsman has concluded that a police officer failed to summon medical assistance for a man who had been attacked outside a nightclub, and who said he was later told by medical staff that he was "...

The Police Ombudsman, Dr Michael Maguire, has said that a police officer who examined hours of CCTV footage in a bid to identify an individual responsible for an assault should be ‘commended’ for her investi...

A Police Ombudsman investigation has found that police were not to blame after a vehicle which was seized by officers following an accident, was sent to a scrap-yard without the knowledge of its owners.

A Police Ombudsman investigation has found that a man who suffered a broken nose during a bar fight and complained that police failings had allowed his attacker to escape justice, had himself instigated the ...

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