Dating advice for women in 20s speed dating in south east kent

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Dating advice for women in 20s

I actually need to get to work right now, but I'll comment on this later because there is a lot I've learned from having my dating life go from 0 to 100 so fast.

I’m a lady, and I’ll turn 30 in a couple months, and I tend to prefer someone a couple years older. People are generally more comfortable with themselves and candid about what they want.

Now that's something that has changed from when I was in my early 20s.

In my early 20s, when I got dumped I would just party wth my gal pals until I got distracted by the next guy at the bar.

I figured most women would be bothered by my presence, and I didn't really think I had the social skills/intelligence to get a date by going out and trying to meet women.

I was basically counting on getting lucky one day to find someone.

In fact, this “gold fish secret” is THE #1 thing you MUST understand if you’re serious about creating instant attraction with your “type” of woman, no matter how hot she is.

" The worst is when your family keeps reminding you of the one guy who broke your heart 3 break ups ago. And here's why: It's not that I feel the need to be in a relationship because of some biological countdown or an overpriced party that is more for your family and friends than for you. Because here's the thing, you can not want kids, not want to get married, be the most independent boss babe out there and still just want to love someone and have that love reciprocated. I just got dumped by someone who I felt really safe with. The voice of doubt and judgement only gets louder as we get older. Your coping mechanisms may be different, you will undoubtedly ride less mechanical bulls hopped up on Jagerbombs in order to get over a breakup, but you are still the brave, intelligent, talented and bold person you have always been, and you don't need a relationship to tell you that.

You want to find a partner who you can share your life with, the good and the bad, with no judgment, burden or obligation. He's liked me for a long time and I was so sure it was going to work out. We are so quick to blame ourselves and that makes sense.

So I decided to stop being so passive, be a lot more direct, take myself out of my comfort zone and basically I said fuck it, just start talking to women and asking them out. I have been on over 25 first dates(probably closer to 30) in the past year and a half. So for me, dating is easier in my 30's than my 20's.

Well I should really say that getting dates is pretty easy, but I found actual dating to be hard.

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But if I'm going to survive this I better slap on a nice outfit and vaseline my teeth to appear approachable and *ugh* dateable. In your late 20s, you've been to what feels like a zillion baby showers and you can't make any summer plans because you're in like 5 weddings. And you get to do it at a time in your life when you're the most self-aware you've ever been! That said, instead of dwelling on what I don't have I'm choosing to start focussing on what I do. Pump your soul with self-love, friendships, experiences, new challenges, and fears.

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