Dating after bilateral mastectomy Interracial cyber chat rooms

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Dating after bilateral mastectomy

But that was standing in the kitchen, not at an intimate moment.You are right though, so much time has passed that now, its awkard so you may just have to force yourself to approach him.After I have my exchange, I may feel differently but for now, thats actually more in my head than his, or I think so and I can imagine, he would not know what its ok to touch or what its not.I once said to him, feel this and I put his hand on the expander said and he just smiled and said its firm. Dec 15, 2014 PM Obxflygirl1 wrote: yes.some it's very hard. Anyone have any stories to share, inspiring, or otherwise?

Men can be a challenge, they don't always handle feelings well, ours or theirs. A lot of time has past and both of you have changed, and getting back to sex is going to take a great deal of planning and effort.He has started seeing a counselor so that's a big step. I just knew he was going to be too freaked out to touch me.I think that the therapy helped him to deal with his own powerlessness over the situation.My guy was very scared of rupturing or accidentally squishing the tissue expander. Hang in there and if you are not happy with the progress with the therapist please try someone new.We went through a couple until we found a good fit.

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I hope that both of you can see that this was just a bad moment that life has delt and you can be close again.

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