Dating bar ti szeretet community

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Dating bar ti szeretet community

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Amy: Uh, a nevem Amy, heh Jez: Jah, rendben, tökmindegy. Nem a pénzért csinálom - ha csak a pénzről szólna, szerinted hordanám ezeket a ruhákat? like as was sayin man, right, I'm an artist, I ain't in this for the money, if I were, would I be wearing these clothes? hello, *taps mic* are we recording here, this is for the record right, testing, testing, testing, now listen. Férfi: A Sissy Spritzszel a hajd a jövőé, nem a múlté. meaning, enlightenment, we're a family living in death valley, but I walk alone, I am on a spiritual journey, and if Percy or Willie or Dick, or anybody stands in my way, the contract says I'll walk, I've been dragged back, and held down, and embarrassed by those guys, but you know, its part of being in a band man, like wearing make-up, love, right, without the torrents of abuse, love fist would be over, and the new contract reflects that, as an artist it's really important that I make a lot of money right Mand. eh, if the music isn't what they want to hear, if the songs, ain't the right songs, you know, if things aren't in their space, or whatever, right man, u know that's my choice you know, because I am love fist and the thing is right they're not, and if they don't get it, and if they're not riding my wave that day man, well, you know, I ain't gonna go crying puppies, just because their dog is teething you know, as far as these idiots are concerned I'm a man, but I tell you sweet heart I've been over to the other side baby, and man, oh, man it's beautiful, but these idiots man, they've not been there Amy: Okkééé, rendben. Azt hiszem, még a tolistára se jutott fel Angliában! you will see, I am love fist, he who pays the piper, plays the tune. Egy nő, aki férfinak tettette magát, és könyvet írt róla. Ő az ant-ro-szo-szi-o-ló-gia és a női tanulmányok professzora a Vice City Egyetemen. on love, and I have make it through a tough life, I sing about the things they want, trashing hotel rooms, wearing glitter on your eyes, and waking up in a ditch next to a totalled sports car, when you make minimum wage, love conquers all, no what I mean Sheila? A piece of paper, bring that to a concert and I'll four Scottish horsemen of the apocalypse, fist till morning, take it on the chin, Zinked Efficiency, four boys against your face great tracks, what memories, and here you say you dedicate the album to the children of the night, who are they? I only give away parts of me to people who have bought all our records.

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