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I was the only woman in there other than the bartender and the strippers.I have no issues with strip clubs—I just felt like this person was trying to one-up me, actively looking for things that might make me uncomfortable, and was excited by that.The next day, he texted me, “Did you tell your boss you made it rain last night? The follow-up to this story is that, I have a friend who likes to Tinder for me.We were sitting in the park eating rice pudding, and she was swiping, and this guy popped up. I'm not going to a strip club with you.” Now, if I don't connect with somebody, I'm like, “Bye.”One of my friends loves this story. That's the only good thing to come out of my awful dates—they bring a lot of joy to my friends.

He seemed to be kind of a regular, which didn't exactly sit well with me.

It was the exact same photo, and my blood went cold. I was like, “No, don't.” She was like, “What the hell are you talking about? I'll explain once you swipe left.”I haven't gone on any really awful Tinder dates since my early twenties. Either my screening got better, or I just got better at leaving. I think it's always been a flaw in my personality that if I feel uncomfortable, I won't admit it to myself. So if I could go back in time and undo it, I probably wouldn't.

Because this person wanted to see me sweat, I kept trying to keep him from seeing me sweat, by being the chillest, most comfortable person he would meet.

I don't think there's anything wrong with them; it's just not something I necessarily envisioned doing on a Tinder date with a stranger who made me uncomfortable. At some point, he abandoned me for 45 minutes to go talk to two women who looked like they were on a date, on the other side of the bar.

I didn't know whether I should follow him or stay, so I'd kind of been sitting by myself.

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