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It covers just about every stage of production that a show goes through after the initial idea’s popped into someone’s brain, from first reading to staged reading to workshop to world premiere, with plenty of dance, some circus arts, and a little tossed in to spice up the flavors.For some writers and producers, just being in the festival is satisfaction in itself.Domeka Parker, Deep End’s artistic director and guiding light, will direct. Gary Corbin showed up with a portfolio a mile deep and two miles wide.Remember that talk about a “festival within the festival” and a “festival within the festival within the festival”? PDX Playwrights is producing “27 original plays by 26 playwrights in 10 days” at Hipbone Studios – including, Corbin took pains to point out, a staged reading of Karen Polinsky’s , on the Daisy Dukes Shorts Night program.That makes Fertile Ground an obvious, almost inevitable landing spot for the members’ scripts.Bill Wadhams, the Portland singer/guitarist not long removed from a lengthy revival tour with his hit ’80s synthpop band Animotion, stopped to talk a bit about this new musical-in-the-works, one of the festival’s most eagerly anticipated shows.Still, with 75-plus-plus-plus shows to sort through, whaddya gonna do? Here, then, as near as my notes and I can recollect, is my evening of dating in the journalistic trenches.Thank you, one and all, for your kind attention: * Bruce Hostetler slid into the visitors’ seat first, to talk about a new solo play from his company Compass Works.

His Fertile Ground outing, he said, will consist of “seven or eight stories” strung together, on subjects as varied as “growing up Catholic, being a champion athlete, and living the life of ‘Mr. As his wife, who was making the rounds with him, noted, “I had literally no idea about the stories he’s told.” Lawrence Howard, co-founder of Portland Story Theater, is back at the festival with another of his popular and captivating Armchair Adventures, most of which take place either in the Arctic or the Antarctic.

There are, if my count is accurate, more than 75 events during the 11-day festival, which opens officially on Thursday, Jan.

24 (some longer-run shows jump the gun) and continues through Sunday, Feb. But that’s a misleadingly low number, because several of the events include several short works – the Crazy Dukes Instant Play Festival, for instance, on Jan.

Nor does the idea of speed-dating, with its cold-eyed transactional implications and instant evaluations, appeal.

I’m not in the dating pool, anyway, but if I were, I’d shy away from online dating, too: I’m a more organic, let-it-happen-if-it’s-going-to-happen sort.

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And lo, on the third day of the New Year, a great clamor fell upon the multitude, and the dread Pealing of the Four Minutes rang out, and the people scurried from line to line, taking their spots in the sun, pitching their pitches, eager to be heard.