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I have gotten a few discontinued Seikos in this manner, saying "Hey look, this watch is eight years old! "Fortunately for me, the watch dealers relented to my counter offers and I got them for the price that I wanted..

Anyway, the Premier pictured above was made in August 2007.

The majority of Seiko watches come with solid metal casebacks (stainless steel, solid gold, gold plated or titanium) and the serial numbers are also stamped in a straight line.

In more expensive Seikos with glass display backs like the Premier 6R20 pictured above, the serial number is usually found engraved along the rim of the caseback.

Unlike the rest of the identifying text, the serial number is printed in a straight line.

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Chances are if you ask watch store assistants when that particular Seiko watch you’re interested in buying was made, you’ll get a blank expression from them.

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