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Ask A Relationship Question Building a relationship is tough, but can be very rewarding once you have found the right partner.

You need to build a foundation of appreciation and respect over time, it's not easy!

Going on a date is the first step of any romantic relationship and it can be quite nerve-racking at first.

If you have an upcoming date and have a few questions or concerns, this advice forum is for you.

This forum is dedicating to sharing tips, advice and to answer questions.

It’s important to get back on track both physically and mentally when a relationship has come to an end, if you have any questions, concerns or just looking to share your side of the breakup story, this is the best place to be.

Please be advised that this is a help forum and not a place to look for a date or partner.

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We are constantly trying to improve our relationship community site, so, you may see features and enhancements being added/deleted often.

If you have any general relationship questions that don't fit the context of our other boards, ask away here.

Dating Forum An open forum to discuss everything and anything relating to dating, whether you're an older person, single parent, gay or straight.

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