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THOUSANDS of people are being kicked off an exclusive dating site for "letting themselves go".

While we don't like having to judge someone's appearance, we need to be selective to maintain the expectations of the current members of Dream Lets face it - physical attraction is the most important factor in choosing a mate.

You want to date the best looking person you can possibly find, and what better place to find them than a beautiful people dating site. Come on in Every hot profile you see has been selected personally by our panel of beautiful men and women.

People who have put on weight or lost their hair are just some of those being pushed off the Beautiful dating site to ensure the "high standards" of the community are upheld.

The cull saw all dating hopefuls have their photographs rated by others on the site looking for love, with those who received the most negative feedback no longer members.

Everyone enjoys the giddy feeling they get when they meet someone who's smoking hot. This is the beautiful people dating site you were looking for!

For rich people, they usually do not have enough time to go on offline dating.

Therefore, it is convenient for them to have such a dating platform to meet other attractive singles.

Speaking about the site, she said: "I don't think the site is what makes us work our hardest to maintain the looks of our younger days, we're all into eating healthily, exercising and making sure we don't let ourselves go." Beautiful has more than 850,000 members in over 100 countries.

If you're hot, Dream Matches is the hot dating for you.

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