Dating ugandan

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Dating ugandan

Unfortunately, women are not viewed as trophy objects in romantic relationships alone. A woman has the responsibility to do as her family wants or she will be deemed a disgrace and disowned.It is always harder on the girl than the boy when any ‘misbehavior’ occurs. What happens when a young man announces he has gotten a girl pregnant?“I confronted him, and can you imagine what he told me? “He said there was no way in the world he could take someone like me to meet his mother.But he said he loved the way I ‘thought’ and could we still remain lovers in secret”?Ugandan women are often overheard using the phrase, “I’m sick and tired of Ugandan men”. Are Ugandan men really as terrible as some women seem to think they are? Brenda Kansiime is a second year student at Kampala International University and confessed that a lot of her meals and night outs are ‘sponsored’ by guys she isn’t seeing and won’t remember after a space of five seconds.First of all, a man is not Ugandan until he has spent a good portion of his life spending money on women. “My roommate is very beautiful and boys are always taking her out”, she explained. This leads us to another disgusting trait of Ugandan men.The men’s response was typical: “Do you know there are African tribes where only the women work? Obviously these chaps are good fans of the Congo pygmies’ societal ‘roots’, where women do all the carrying of heavy loads when any journey is to be undertaken.Phillip is a biologist who believes that Ugandan men take being simple minded to a whole new level.

The girl however, faces an entirely different scenario.These men are clueless about the knowledge that it is primarily their job to provide for their families, get off their behinds and do some work and show an example. Newspaper stories are rife with reports of women bringing in all the money and the men squandering it on drink.Or a wife cooking food and the husband beating, or even killing, her and the children for taking the ‘good piece of meat’. A few days ago, I passed a garbage pickup truck and people shoveling the garbage from the heap onto the truck.“One night I spent 200,000 shillings on her and her friends and she gratefully told me that now she knows how much ‘I love her’. I’m going to leave her in the house to take care of the children and enjoy my other women. “I came home in the evening, and it was raining”, she recalled, still visibly shocked by what she found.“This man had thrown all my property out of the house. My laptop, my television, my clothing, everything was out there in the rain, and in the open for anyone to pick”.

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This is just an example of how Ugandan men do not regard women as independent-thinking human beings but as property to be used and disposed of at will. A man will not marry a woman for her fine intellect. That may be what he thinks but he and the woman in question are actually deluded.

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