Dating vintage levi jackets

Posted by / 11-Nov-2019 16:38

Dating vintage levi jackets

Even when we’re producing practical closet staples (like windbreakers), we ensure that they’re still fashion moments.

Eye-popping colors and patterns will keep your jackets fresh from the rest of your collection.

If you have a sewing tape measure at home measure your waist at the smallest point & your hips at the largest point.

If you’re at the flea market you can bring a tape measure with you to take flat measurements of jeans that you can’t try on.

That means that the fabric from the back panel wraps around your rear to give it a hug & lift.

The waistline of the 501 also takes a flattering dive down from back to front nipping the waist at just the right angle & giving you curves all around.

WOMEN’S JEAN JACKETSNo woman can have too many jean jackets.

Both Toni and I are frequently asked about sizing and the various styles, so she’s sharing everything you ever wanted to know about buying vintage Levis.And -- if you want to pass on the bells and whistles, an oversized jean jacket still packs a punch and makes a statement.Levi’s® outerwear and jean jackets for women are always one step ahead of the trend.The rule of thumb is to subtract two inches from the marked size to figure out the actual size.This may seem weird, but there’s a reason why vintage Levi’s don’t measure according to the size that they are marked. I’m sure a lot of you have seen ‘shrink to fit’ on a Levi’s label and that’s what it means. Vintage Levi’s have already been worn, washed, & shrunk so that work is out of the way for you.

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