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Received 19 July 2014; revised 15 August 2014; accepted 12 September 2014 ABSTRACT Research regarding Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their sexual satisfaction is almost nonexistent.

4) People with developmental disabilities should be sterilized because they give birth to children who are also disabled.

5) People with developmental disabilities are sexually different from other people and are more likely to develop diverse, unusual, or deviant sexual behavior.

3) People with developmental disabilities should not be provided with sex education, as it will only encourage inappropriate behavior.

These myths reflect ideas that were explicit in the 20 Century.

Given that society often views people with a disability from a medical model, where the individual needs to be “fixed” (Omansky & Rosenblum, 2001; Rohleder & Swartz, 2011), individuals with a disability are typically not referred to in a sexual manner.

269.) Schlesinger and Meadow (1972) reported that these 21-year olds had never had a date and that their “development of mature relations with members of the opposite sex, as preparation for intimacy leading to marriage and adulthood, is difficult under these conditions” (p. These comments reflect the mythconceptions common at the time in regard to society’s views of sexuality and disability.

Today these ideas may shock or alarm a reader, but there is still limited research regarding the sexuality of Deaf individuals. Problems Research indicated that a person with a disability often reported low sexual esteem in comparison to people without disabilities (Mc Cabe & Taleporos, 2003; Taleporos & Mc Cabe, 2002), which was correlated, with an overall lower self-esteem.

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Available information focuses on myths, misunderstandings, and problems related to sexual health and behavior.