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The team will focus on fostering a sex-positive community that delivers on its promises to users.“We think singles want simple, honest dating with less time invested,” the team told us.“Our aim is to provide a simpler experience with more user satisfaction from minute one.” DOWN’s decision to leave its parent company and go it alone is a bold move, but this is a time for bold moves.The dating industry is wide open, and success is within reach for anybody who can figure out how to give singles what they want.DOWN attracts free spirits who resist being tied down by any one person. Much like its users, DOWN operates under a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is approach to life and love.

Its discreet matching tools and sex-positive atmosphere has won over daters of all ages, and now the team hopes to further satisfy its membership base by growing in the right direction. No problems on my end so far.” DOWN supports a sexually active community of over 6 million users worldwide, and it’s still growing.

Now its profits will come from premium subscriptions, not ad revenue.

That puts a great deal of pressure on the team to ensure the app is worth the customer’s investment.

“We’re especially focused on ensuring that we are delivering a sustainable product and getting back to basics.” The online dating scene can be rough on people’s emotions.

After being strung along, stood up, and jilted, singles can forget that dating is supposed to be fun.

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  1. So, different internet dating sites share the same database and may have almost exactly the same people registered there, apart from some filtering the dating site owner may apply. The main organization is the one that collects men's and women's profiles.

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