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Dynamic distribution group not updating

A good way of achieving this is by using a formated table for each group with the group’s name as the header.

From the left navigation pane select recipients and then click on groups on the top. From the drop-down as shown in the figure select Dynamic distribution group. A pop-up window should open where we need to enter the name of the new dynamic distribution group we want to create and add an alias, which is essentially the email id of the new group. Based on your requirement you may set the condition either on State or province, Company, Department or any of the other fifteen custom attributes or as a combination. You may double-click on the group and set other features as required, like hiding it from the global address list or setting the delivery management of the concerned group.

This Mail Contact object should have the following mappings: Note that this Mail Contact object is made in Office 365 or Exchange Online and not in the on-premises AD. If it exists on premises then the name for the DDL will appear twice in the on-premise GAL, once as a DDL and once as a contact object.

O365 provides with another cool feature using which a group is created dynamically when an email is being sent to the particular group based on some pre-defined rules or conditions.

You can find it by using the following Power Shell commands: The mailbox server hosting the active copy of that database (DB05 in this example) will have some information in a file called Changed to indicate the last result of group metrics generation.

The file can be found in the Group Metrics folder of the Exchange install directory.

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Therefore for mailboxes in the Office 365 cloud they will not see the Dynamic Distribution Group in their Global Address List, and so therefore can only email the members of the list by sending an email directly to their email address.