Eavesdropping sexy video chat

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It allows the NSA to reach into the data streams of U. companies — Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and others — and grab emails, video chats, pictures and more. Clapper says it is narrowly focused on foreign targets, and technology companies say they turn over only information that's required by court order.

But after reading a leaked court document last week that allowed NSA to sweep up millions of American phone records, Trevor Timm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said, "The question is how broad the orders are they're giving these companies."PRISM was born late in George W.

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"They're very focused."The Internet program came to light last week in documents published by The Washington Post and Guardian newspapers.That breadth, that willingness to sweep up enormous information on Americans with no ties to terrorists, is making it hard for the Obama administration to tamp down controversy over a separate program, called PRISM, to monitor Internet traffic.In short, critics ask, if looking for terrorists means collecting every American's phone records, how can anyone believe the president when he says Americans aren't being monitored on the Internet?Our roommate comes closer to her and keeps peeing all over my gf’s face.I have both naked girls lay down on their backs, with their legs spread wide and high in the air, so their wet cunts are fully exposed.

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