Error updating boot rom is dating two guys at once ok

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Error updating boot rom

Most of the time adding a new flash drive or hard drive to your PC should not be an issue, since all of the ports in our PCs are tested thoroughly.

Yet, we cannot test every component or piece of equipment customers choose to add to their machine, later on down the road.

Sometimes you may need to install incremented backups to keep the configuration intact.

Check current flash: HP-2920# show flash Image Size (bytes) Date Version ----------------- ------------ -------- -------------- Primary Image : 14233321 01/26/17 WB. Secondary Image : 14233321 01/26/17 WB. Boot ROM Version : WB.16.03 Default Boot : Primary Primary Image: Default storage for switch software image.

Simply load any of the pre-saved profiles under the profiles tab (unless you have altered one of those profiles) to reset everything back to the way it was when we sent the PC out.

Some common occurrences which cause this error to arise are: We do not recommend overclocking any part in your Quiet PC.

Silent (Cool Tech PC Inc.) cannot be held responsible for any damage to your PC by attempting to follow the PC operating recommendations detailed on this page.

If you have purchased a PC from us and you run into these types of errors detailed in this article, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Overclocking the RAM or CPU is not something we support, because you are basically telling your PC to send more power to the CPU or RAM than the component was designed for in order to increase speed and performance.

Overclocking diminishes the life expectancy of your PC, and can damage PC components (when done incorrectly).

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Setting your BIOS back to orginal settings is also referred to as restoring your BIOS settings.