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Sure, if you're looking for someone to use Face Time with, you could call Apple, but where's the fun in that?

If you're looking for love (or just to flirt), check out Visual Friend, an online community of i Phone 4 users.

This has happened anytime I've started video calling a girl in a regular basis, I just find a bunch of screenshots on their phone or if they pull a funny face or something I take one and send it to them straight away because it's funny - then they respond with 10 they've taken of me from days or weeks or months ago that they've just .lol.

I'm not offended or complaining or even that creeped out it's just a bit weird to me and I'd like to know why it's done?

We'd been talking for like a week and she invited me over to her place and I forget how it happened but somehow we ended up scrolling through her pictures together looking for something and then I go ..is that me?

I take the phone and look and she's got like 10 screenshots of me off facetime all with double chins and fat cheeks with the phone directly under my face like wtf😂.

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If any females come across the question of love the input and I do understand on a level I'm reading too much into it - i just had the thought.

Lool thats what I'm saying, if we were together I'd get it but in all cases it's been after or during like a week of talking - 1 or 2 funny ones is fine but finding 10 on your phone is just a bit strange haha Man, you think that’s weird.

I know this girl at my college (no romance or anything, just a friend (ish)) and we were hanging out between classes one day, and she starts showing me these photos she’s took of our friend group all like sat in class, or in the dinner hall, while we’re talking or eating etc.

Definitely a pain that you have to add someone as a friend before chatting.

Would be better if their messaging was more like IM and not like email.

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A long-desired feature to go beyond a two person conversation to include up to thirty-two individuals.

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  1. So if you play your cards right, she might stick with you longer, and you’ll have yourself a sugar mama. They like to play coy, and they can’t handle you being too rough.