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Her husband doesn't understand her new found politicism and in short order expels her from their house, denies her access to her son and eventually has him adopted without her knowledge.

She too is the one accompanying Davidson to the Derby.

The film shows police Inspector Arthur Steed speeding towards Epsom Race Course in a 1912 De Dion Bouton 8hp Torpedo.

This brand of Italian motorcar would have been,probably, too expensive for him to own personally or the British government to purchase for use by an ordinary government official.

The highlight of the play is considered by some to be Launce, the clownish servant of Proteus, and his dog Crab, to whom "the most scene-stealing non-speaking role in the canon" has been attributed.

As the play begins, Valentine is preparing to leave Verona for Milan so as to broaden his horizons.

uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. I also felt the sub-plot about the child-molesting boss jarred somewhat and belonged in a different film entirely, the two main causes didn't need this extra justification, heinous as the crimes are.While I'm criticising, I also felt the cliff-hanging direction style employed (especially in the build-up to the Derby climax) was overdone with looming orchestral swells in the background and a virtual countdown to the incident itself, to be somewhat inconsistent with the seriousness of the subject matter.Meanwhile, Julia is discussing Proteus with her maid, Lucetta, who tells Julia that she thinks Proteus is fond of her.Julia, however, acts coyly, embarrassed to admit that she likes him.

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The device used by the writer and director to get the viewer close to the action is through the invented Carey Mulligan character Maud Watts, a young factory worker, docilely married to her husband and the doting mother of their infant son, who develops an interest in the suffragette movement through a work colleague.

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