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My wife started out skinny redhead with small boobs with wide hips and a thick, thick ass.

Now she's in her 30s and after having k*ds she's about 120 lbs and a nice 36B cup, and her curvy ass is still pretty amazing.

He was a guy she worked with and she was his superior at work.

” Most of the time it’s the way they look at you though, like the time I was in an ‘adult’ shop in Luton, and there was a bloke and a woman in there, talking to the shop man on some business or other.

How I loved being there in my mac ogling the mags like… Read more It was a rough and rocky road getting to this point in our relationship.

Around 6pm I entered and there was a woman, probably in her 40s, getting naked to go in. She was what most red blooded men wanted................... She knew I’d done it, of course she knew, she could see the guilt in my burni… Read more Every girl knew when it was time for a breeding.

I immediately checked her out, she had a tight body, really fit. Of course, she startled a bit when she saw me coming in, but kept taking her undies right in front of me. A nice big healthy girl with plenty of curves to admire and get hold of. ” I said in response, but even as I tried to bluff it out, I knew my grandmother wouldn’t let it go. The familiar buzz of the table would start, humming directly in contact with your clit and the warmth would spread like a wildfire until you were dripping onto the leather.

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Recently, I decided to go the sauna even though it's Summer.

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