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She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011.

There are 37 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

It is interesting to consider how the human brain has developed since the introduction of technology and specifically social networks.

In simpler times, humans would live in tribal communities for safety as there was little chance of survival alone in the wild.

They do not get the opportunity to know someone like you better. There are rejections that are more difficult to cope up with than others.

If you think that you cannot handle it on your own, seek help from your friends.

Many individuals going through a break up think they’re no longer worth anything to anyone.Don’t bother wasting your time and energy questioning why it didn’t work, because ultimately it’s very unlikely that you’ll get the closure you’re looking for.It’s better to just accept it and start to move forward. In order to get over a break up, you need to regain confidence and boost your ego. By writing them down on paper, you’ll realize all the great qualities you have to offer to another person.This explains why the feeling of rejection is still so prominent in society centuries later.It is really difficult to accept rejection from someone you loved and appreciated.

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This article was co-authored by Trudi Griffin, LPC.

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