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Grumpy irish bike dating forumns

The stakes are high as Dublin are seeking to add further weight to their status as they attempt to attempt to complete five-in-a-row.

So, today we want to know: Will you watch the All-Ireland final today?

Winston Churchill called them his special hens, “who laid so well without clucking”, and for decades they kept silent about what they did during the war.

Now, with the youngest hen aged well into her nineties and their obligations under the Official Secrets Act lifted, one final push is being made to encourage the...

Under a Labour government’s “inclusive ownership funds” every business with...

Labour’s plans to give shares to workers would amount to a confiscation of shares worth £300 billion in 7,000 big companies, according to research.

Thankfully, this ridiculousness seems to have been addressed, and the flashing lights that come on with the brakes are now additional to the normal brake lights and indicators.And no, it isn’t “obvious” that you don’t cross an unbroken centreline, that parking is forbidden on double yellow lines, or you’re not allowed to drive on the breakdown lane.Normal custom and practice, perhaps, but unless It Is Written, it isn’t the Law.The Greek government will appeal to Boris Johnson’s love of the ancient world to approve a loan of the Elgin Marbles to Athens in a temporary swap with other treasures.The offer is part of preparations for Greece’s 2021 bicentenary of...

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What is desperately needed is a federal rule book; a Highway Code, if you will.

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