Gta iv internet dating guide

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Gta iv internet dating guide

In a cut scene for Elizabeta Torres Carmen is seen dancing with Elizabeta at a house party, though she doesn't recognize Niko when he starts dating her.

There is a slight possibility that Carmen is bisexual, because of her interest in going to strip clubs and on her Love-Meet profile it says "Free Spirit" under 'sexuality'. In the picture she is wearing a Swingers Cap and glasses. Kiki prefers clothes from the Russian Shop ; she doesn't like hats or glasses.

According to the Police Database Carmen may be the second young woman to appear in the game's artwork; she was seen leaning down to a car with a guy in it.Usually, from the point of cellular contact, you're going to have an in-game hour to get to your date before she gets miffed for standing her up.The date can still go on to a certain point even if you're late, but it's definitely not the way you want to get things started.Carmen likes expensive vehicles; luxury or sports cars and coupes Venue Preference: Carmen likes bars and strip clubs for early dates; and restaurants for later dates except Super Star Cafe.Special Ability Health Boost: Allows Niko to call Carmen for medical advice and a quick health boost; this feature has a bug that makes it not work during some missions.

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Aside from the amusing interactions between Niko Bellic and the women he dates, there can be several in-game benefits to starting a relationship with any of the.

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