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Help updating my cv

Instead of a resume objective statement, utilize that space in your modern resume to provide a high-level overview of your career thus far.This allows you to pinpoint those qualifications and skills that make you different than other candidates, along with discussing a bit of your employment history.Related: How to Cut Your Resume Down to the Ideal Page Length Let's say you've been in sales and marketing for a while, but you also have IT experience.In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to have two sections of professional history.

Rather than wasting this prime real estate at the top of the resume, be sure to capitalize on it with other valuable information.

If you fail to incorporate these words into your document, your modern resume may be out of contention before an HR professional ever reads it.

If you graduated from college 15 or more years ago, there is no reason to include your graduation date on your resume.

If you want to pursue a career in IT, then that information should be presented first in this section.

This allows you to adjust the resume as needed for future opportunities.

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If you use the opportunities presented to you effectively, the more skills you are going to add on your CV.

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