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How to speed dating

By offering speed networking as part of your conference program, you eliminate this barrier.

You also allow your attendees to meet more people in a short period of time and with less effort than they individually could during coffee breaks.

Seat each of your topical experts on a table, surrounded by up to 10 attendees. Then, the fellow attendees have 1 minute to chip in.

After a brief introduction by the expert, each attendee has 1 minute to introduce themselves and to spell out specifics they would like discussed. Allow a maximum of 3 minutes for each attendee’s introduction and topic.

Individuals can register for one of the time slots offered and won’t know who they’ll get to interact with during the rotation.

Your team, or a computer, can assign the time slots.

If you’re deciding on a room set, classroom style with rows of chairs facing each other works great.

Then switch, so each of the two camps gets a chance to interact with each other, as well.

This format is ideal for smaller conferences and those events with little time for the speed networking slot. This method gives attendees the chance to initiate one-on-one business relationships, or potential co-operation, with individuals and not to mention, it’s an excellent way to generate business leads.

Planners who opt for this style of networking can publish a registration list with name/organization/field of interest for all attendees for a sneak preview.

Best of all, discussions can be continued during the evening’s networking reception!

If your attendees want to get one-on-one attention from experts, speed networking on an individual basis might be the best approach.

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For a total of 10 attendees, a 30-minute round would be the maximum. Interaction with a fairly large number of people is possible in one setting, so I recommend this format for larger conferences.