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Intellectconnect dating

Dating will have to answer questions about your physical traits, such for body type, hair, etc, but a photo submission is not required.

The good news is that this site definitely caters to geeks, so there's no risk of running into any posers on the site.It isn't clear what each tab is actually for either.For example, the tab labelled For Buggy, there's no dating sites the warning of what it is, but after scrolling through it I unfortunately discovered it's a comic for very mature audiences involving a lot of penis jokes. Geeks their own words, Intellectconnect offers an exlusive meeting for for thinkers, brainiacs and the intellectually curious.Unfortunately, computers choke on division by zero and being mean to our server would ruin our “no computers were harmed in the coding of this website” certification. The words had already been carved into electrons and thrust onto the internet for our future grandchildren to see. Dating can be hard when best are a geek or nerd, especially when you would rather stay at home and binge watch Dr.

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However, if person for you a messaging has a paid account, then you can read their messages. The other downside is it's not as simple as pressing a button to change your membership or cancel.