Intelligence and dating

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Intelligence and dating

Daniel Jones, editor of the New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, has read more than 80,000 essays on love. There are two types of people: those who give up on love after heartbreak and those who keep their hearts open.Does expanding your dating pool online lead to more connections and a greater shot at lasting love?" shows that you respect your partner's time and figuring out a good time for both of you to discuss the issue at hand, she says.Dorell says if you're emotionally intelligent, you will commit to things only when you know you can dedicate your "whole self" into it.A partner who's still developing their emotional intelligence may be stubborn or passive-aggressive, rather than productively trying to find a solution that satisfies everyone.

Additionally, asking your partner, "Is this a good time to talk?

when contestant Taylor Nolan talked about emotional intelligence, and whether or not Corinne Olympios had enough of it for lead Nick Viall.

Now, while it wasn't necessarily Nolan's place to determine whether or not Olympios sufficiently emotionally intelligent, the bottom line is that the trait can play a role in relationships.

That will set the tone for when your partner returns home in the evening."Spira says that differing levels of emotional intelligence isn't necessarily a bad thing."As a couple, you're two different personality types with different communication skills," she says.

"The worst thing you could do is attack your partner for not being as emotionally intelligent as you are if you feel you're doing all of the emotional work.

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"You validate their feelings and perspective and work cooperatively to find a resolution that honors the feelings and needs of both of you."Dorell agrees.

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