Intimidating uncle

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Intimidating uncle

" The poster makes eye contact; it singles you out with a pointing finger; its message is personalized.There's no chance to escape as one in the crowd of potential recruits: Uncle Sam wants The effect of this is intimidating, but can also be strangely inspiring.Men dressed in Uncle Sam costumes are still a feature of Fourth of July parades around the country.The 1976 children's novel and Newberry Medal Winner "The Westing Game" features the eccentric Sam Westing, an immigrant turned millionaire who styles himself as "Uncle Sam" and throws extravagant Fourth of July parties.Or, if it did not always inspire pride, it at least reminded a potential recruit of duty.

Either way, Uncle Sam and his message–that one person can make a difference to his or her countr–is as important now as it was in 1812.The official version, confirmed by Congress in 1961, dates Uncle Sam back to the War of 1812. As the years passed and the legend grew, the symbol of Uncle Sam developed to reflect the times.Samuel Wilson ran a meat-packing and distribution business, and was known locally in his Massachusetts town as "Uncle" Sam. Samuel Wilson was middle-aged; however, the image of Uncle Sam of a few decades later bore little resemblance to the actual person it was based on. When Abraham Lincoln became President, Uncle Sam and his "nephew" Yankee Doodle, a symbol from the Revolutionary War, took on new meaning as patriotic symbols of the North.Consider using a public or friend’s computer if you are concerned about someone viewing your browsing history."Uncle Sam," "Big Brother" and "Yankee Doodle" have one thing in common — they are symbols of government.

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Generally, these parodies imitate the iconic WWII poster with mock "slogans" like "I want YOUR taxes" and "I want YOU to pull my finger!

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