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John cena mickie james really dating

The estranged wife who wants to make his life miserable, even after the papers are filed.

The former co-worker who was engaged to a woman who the hero was having an affair with.

According to TMZ, her lawyer Raymond Rafool is examining tips their camp has gotten claiming that Cena was having an extramarital affair, which could potentially render the prenuptial agreement null. Former WWE star Kenny Dykstra has gone on a Twitter rampage recently, telling all of the dirty secrets from the past.

The "it" he is referring to, according to Wrestling Inc., is "Mickie James and John Cena dating." Dykstra and James were engaged to be married when they were both in WWE, so he would seem to be a credible source. report also says that Cena's relationship with James led to Dykstra being transferred from Raw to Smack Down before WWE released him in 2008.

With the coming of the new year, Zack Ryder and Emma have made it official...they're an item! The other duo making new year's news isn't a new one, either.

It sounds like moving to Smack Down is the place to go before you get fired, at least if you are standing in the way of Cena's life.This whole mess is playing out like a terrible daytime soap opera.We have the white knight hero who can do no wrong, then decides that he is unhappy in marriage and is going to file for divorce.Like Ambrose and Young, Royce and Spears are separated by rival brands.However, the WWE did congratulate the pair on their wedding.

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In recent months, Mickie has not appeared as often.

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