Judaism interfaith dating

Posted by / 23-Jun-2020 21:46

Like myself, Golin was raised in the Conservative Judaism, so less observant than the more traditional Orthodox community but more so than Reform.“I grew up with messaging from my parents, my rabbi, and my community that I should only be with Jewish women.

My mother was born in a displaced person’s camp in Berlin right after the war because her parents lost their homes in the Holocaust.

“I took it as, ‘Okay, I got my grandma’s stamp of approval.’”Golin’s story is an inspiring one.

We’ve left our parents’ home; we’re living in this single netherworld, moving to different cities.

According to a 2013 survey from the Pew Research Center, the rate of intermarriage among non-Orthodox Jews is 71 percent.

Thus, statistically, as an American Jew who is not Orthodox, there are overwhelming odds that I will, ultimately, marry someone who is not Jewish—if I marry at all (the fast-growing number of single Americans suggest there’s also a decent shot I won’t wed).

As I attend my family’s synagogue and notice the young broods, sticky with pieces of apple and honey (traditional Rosh Hashanah food for a sweet new year), I cannot imagine a happy future without these milestones.

Then again, dating and marrying someone who is not Jewish is not necessarily mutually exclusive with such a future.

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