Jupiter research online dating

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Jupiter research online dating

Of course, cases of the reverse dynamic are vanishingly rare (wherein lies the basis for many a male grievance).Yes, and the problem with these ‘leagues’ is that they are asymmetrical (meaning that there is a higher probability of a female attracting any given statistical subset of ranked males, than the reverse), rendering a disproportionate scarcity of receptive females for lower ranked males.

And this independent variable, the profiles physical attractiveness, is a limiting factor in mating success.

I’ve tried to exam the matching dynamic by myself in an experiment in the context of online dating.

To address these research questions, I analyzed several data sets obtained through Badoo, a major online dating site .

1) Most women do not seek among the male profiles to send unsolicited messages; they passively wait to be contacted.

2) The few unsolicited messages rate sent by female users don’t come from top-ranked females. 3) A subset of moderately attractive, medium attractive and unattractive female mainly contact high-attractive male users.

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Which, means that females have shown to be more critical in judging male attractiveness than the reverse (meaning that they are *more* likely to find a receptive partner, regardless of their own relative attractiveness).