La mayor dating ktla lou parker

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Matt Dowd called me this morning and invited me to sit in with him at his guitar show, where he also burns his incense and has them for display.He had to take off to pick up some things for his permitted space, so he shut down the amplifier — left the guitar — and ZD watched the space until he returned.So I say, “Great, well Matt promised me ten minutes as soon as he got back”, so since he’s not here, and you want performers, I’ll start.…they wanted it to be the person they wanted it to be.And if they say, “No”, just get any LAPD and you’ll end up with the stuff you want…all for a dollar!

(COULD HAVE EASILY HIT SOMEONE IF THEY WERE STANDING BEHIND HIM OR PASSING BY, JUST AS I WAS MOMENTS BEFORE.) He then says on the amplified mic, “You shouldn’t have your display back there.” (Which signaled to me and others watching that he obviously let the knives fly in the area I was just standing in, on purpose.(And he rubbed my hand over the nasty scar tissue that freaked ZD out.) And the crowd cheered.And Zuma Dogg continued and after the police realized ZD could there all day long, they knew the best thing to do was to walk away. Finally, to show the crowd that Zuma Dogg had the right to be there, I said to Rob, “Rob, please tell these people I can stand here all day long and do this.” Rob gave a shy nod in confirmation, and I let the show carry on.So I wasn’t able to stay at Venice Beach and maybe take in some donations singing “Comfortably Numb” with Matt on guitar…or take in donations like the .00 bill some veteran gave me — because he saw me on TV 35 and then just heard what I was saying to the cops and he appreciated it. Rob and Parks and Rec just HAD to have that guy juggle knives there and HAD to tell Zuma Dogg HE COULD NOT PERFORM IN THE SPACE, EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY THERE AND HADN’T EVEN BEEN THERE LONG ENOUGH TO CALL FOR A PERFORMER ROTATION! THEN, he’ll pop in one of his amigos as Mayor if he wins Governor.So here I am, with way too much time on my hands to catch up on all the blogging I have been getting so behind on…HEY CM ROSENDAHL…ARE YOU TELLING ME OUT OF THE ENTIRE VENICE BEACH OCEAN FRONT WALK, THE PLACE THIS GUY COULD JUGGLE HIS MACHETES OVER THE CROWD WAS RIGHT WHERE ZUMA DOGG WAS STANDING? Zuma Dogg liked this scenario, because first of all…it means no matter what, only one extra year of Villar.

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Meanwhile, someone who wanted to juggle machete knives on a tall utility ladder, above the crowd of onlookers below wanted to use some of Matt’s space.